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Sometimes plans change and your hosting company may no longer be part of them. We’re here to offer a simple, fast and convenient way to ensure your customer base continues to receive outstanding service after you sell.

We put our customers at the heart of everything we do, so you can trust us with the result of your hard work to date. We promise to provide a seamless transition for your current customers to our services, ensuring a no-hassle migration and a lasting legacy for the services you’ve provided to date!

Are there any requirements for me to be able to sell?

Your web hosting company must be UK or USA based, with 70%+ of your customer base residing in the UK or USA also. Your company must have been trading for a minimum of 1 year and be in a position of growth.

What about technology?

You must be using cPanel/WHM for hosting your customers. We also prefer hosts use WHMCS for billing purposes and have an up to date infrastructure with regard to software updates etc.

How many customers do I need to have?

No exact figure dictates if we will acquire a host or not, we prefer hosting companies with 50+ active customers but will certainly consider those with fewer!

What about my assets?

We don’t purchase any physical assets from you or your company, as we will migrate all of your customers to our secure Amazon hosted infrastructure to ensure quality hosting for your customers for years to come.

Who tells my customers?

We work with you to inform your customers about the change to our services, we know you’ve built a rapport with them and we’ll be sure to work to maintain this.

Who manages the migration?

We handle 100% of the migration, once we sign the paperwork with you we will log in to your WHM/cPanel and begin to contact customers to schedule a painless migration.

What are the next steps?

Sign NDA

We begin with a Non-Disclosure agreement, this allows us to talk about specifics in the comfort that any information shared is confidential between us


We will negotiate a figure that works for both you and us. We promise to be fair and transparent in our figures and working


Once the figure is agreed, we exchange paperwork to ensure a smooth & painless transition for your customers.

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