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Avoid “Not Secure” Message On Your Website

Visiting a website to see “Not Secure” in the address bar is the worst thing you could hope for as a website owner. Since late 2017 Google Chrome, and all other mainstream browsers such as Firefox, Internet Explorer/Edge, Safari and Opera have been warning visitors that the website they are visiting does not have a valid SSL certificate installed.

Websites are served over a protocol called HTTP, which stands for “hypertext transfer protocol” – this is a standard way your computer communicates with the website you’re viewing. A secure site uses a security certificate called SSL, which changes the URL to HTTPS. This added security protects your computer’s communications so that it’s much harder for other people to “listen in” and figure out what you’re doing or get the information you’re sending online.

Having a “Not Secure” message appear when users visit your website can quickly raise users’ concerns about the non-secure nature of your site or forms. Anyone concerned about protecting their privacy and information online would likely be leery to input information on your website, including, of course, making a purchase. Additionally, a “not secure” warning could lead users to believe your site is hacked or, rightfully, view your site as vulnerable. Either way, the user experience will be affected. Another way your site could be impacted is in its rankings – Google wants site owners to maintain a secure certificate and views HTTPS as a ranking factor.

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Just sign up, then activate your completely free SSL within your Control Panel once logged in. With only two clicks your entire website will be secure, and every visitor will see a “Secure” message in their address bar so they can be confident their personal information is protected while on your website.

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