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Introducing Managed Google Ads

Google Ads is a very powerful tool when used correctly! However, if not configured to target the right audience, you could find yourself with an expensive monthly bill, and very little return on investment (ROI). That’s why we’re excited to launch our offering of Managed Google Ads!

Our service is designed for customers who may not be familiar with, or have the time to manage their Google Ads account, but would like to see the benefits of increased website traffic and online sales / sign-ups.

Why Hugoton Hosting, Why Now?

We first looked into the service of ‘managed google ads’ on behalf of one of our customers, and we found the prices quoted to be inflated considering the actual work involved.

At this point, we offered to manage the customers Google Ad Campaign on their behalf, and after several months, we found we were now providing this service for a number of our customers. Following many successful campaigns, Hugoton Hosting decided to offer the Managed Google Ads service to all existing clients.

What’s the difference?

Unlike similar services offered by our competitors, we offer a flat rate fee of £10/$10 per month. So no matter how much you want to invest in your Google Ad campaign, our price remains the same, leaving a larger budget for your campaign.

Once you sign-up for the service, you will be asked to complete a short online form that will help us understand what you are looking to achieve from your Google Ad Campaign. Once complete one of our Ad Specialists will contact you to discuss your campaign.

Sharing our knowledge

Hugoton Hosting is keen to provide the tools and knowledge to our clients that allow them to manage their sites without incurring any on-going monthly fees. That’s why if requested, we will walk you through the setup of your new campaign and any changes made while tweaking the campaign criteria.


We believe our customers deserve the best, that’s why we only offer this fantastic service to Hugoton Hosting customers who have an active shared, WordPress or reseller hosting package with us. Not a customer yet? Check out our packages today!

Ready to start your campaign?

Great! Once in your members’ area, select the Google Ads addon and complete the order form. To celebrate the launch of this service, we are offering £10/$10 off your first month, that fee free! Enter coupon ‘ManagedGoogleAds‘ at checkout.