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Announcing – The Hugoton Hosting Free URL Shortener!

Today we’re delighted to announce the launch of our very own free URL shortener service –

The Hugoton Hosting URL Shortener ( is simple, powerful and easy to use, at its core it shortens URLs and turns them into easy to remember links. But the Hugoton Hosting is so much more than just another URL shortener … take a look at the below features to see what it can do:


Powerful Dashboard

    • All of your link management and metrics available in one place


Location and device specific targeting

    • Allows you to use a single link and intelligently deliver your visitor to a specific landing page based on the country they are located in or the device they’re using


Custom landing pages

    • Show visitors a landing page before directing them to their destination, perfect for promotional material or important news items


Event tracking

    • fully supports tracking pixels from popular social networks including Facebook, Twitter, and Google


Link expiration

    • Easily set your links to expire on a certain date


Robust API

    • Our powerful API allows you to build powerful integrations with our URL shortener


Custom Domains

    • Use your own domain to provide short URLs using our technology


Head over to our plans page to see all of the available features, and remember every Hugoton Hosting customer receives the ‘Silver’ plan absolutely free for the duration they are a Hugoton Hosting customer!

We’re confident our URL shortener will quickly become another reason more people are switching to Hugoton Hosting than ever before! As always, we’d love to hear your thoughts – please drop us a note via our Contact page with any comments.